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Culture and leisure in Lom

Lom is placed at the centre of Norway, between the peaks of beautiful Jotunheimen, and the village is known for being one of the foremost exponents of traditional Norwegian folklore.


Lom has a thriving music scene, and especially Norwegian folk music has a long and proud tradition in Lom. Several of the best fiddle players in Norway live or lived in Lom. Lom has a fiddle orchestra, two different accordion orchestras, a brass band for both children and adults, choir for women, children and mixed voices, a number of smaller bands and a very popular folk rock band; Lomsk.


Lom has a long and rich tradition for different types of handcraft. One of the handcrafts that are most practised in Lom is woodcarving. There are also many who makes the Norwegian national dress, "bunaden". You can find a number of handcraft products from Lom in a shop near Lom stave church.

Lom stave church

One of the largest, most beautiful and oldest Norwegian stave churches is located in Lom. The stave church is still in daily use, even if it is 850 years since it was built. There are also two other churches in Lom, specifically in Bøverdalen and Garmo, but even if all three churches are built of wood, they have very different architecture.


In Lom, you will find a wide range of sports clubs, offering football, handball, skiing, cycling, in addition to other sports. The most popular sports in Lom is skiing in the winter and football in the summer.

Voluntary activities

In Lom, there is a long tradition of volunteer work, and there are about 70 groups in Lom engaged in such work. These groups are working for example for the community, for the youth, for maintaining tradition, for the church, for the environment and some work against poverty.


Lom has a long tradition of water, or rather with too little water. And although Lom has the best drinking water in Norway, the farms in Lom have struggled to get enough water for their fields. Therefore, farmers had to bring water from the snowy mountains and down to the valleys, using aqueducts (vassveg). The tool they used to spread the water over their fields is called a "Skjeltreko", and it resembles a large spoon or ladle. This is also the motive for the municipal shield of Lom. Some of the aqueducts can also be used as foot paths nowadays.
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