Welcome to Lom municipality

Right in the Otta Valley in Oppland County, lies the mountain village of Lom. Here you'll find the highest peaks in Norway, and more than half of the Jotunheimen National Park is situated in Lom.
Municipal Center Fossbergom is a modern village center where most people have their work in tourism, commerce and service provision. Culture and environment are taken care of and we take pride in being able to offer traditional products.

National park village

The municipality center, "Fossbergom, is one of five official national park villages i Norway. Fossbergom stands out as a village of character, and politicians in Lom has always placed great emphasis on building styles and local traditions. Lom stave church from the twelth-century is one of the most beautiful stave churches in the country. Thousands of tourists visit the church during the year, and at the same time, the church is used as the main church in Lom.

Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture and Forestry is the largest single industry in Lom. Relation to the harvest of uncultivated land resources by overgrazing is crucial for the mostly small farms.

Overview of land distribution

7% glacier 77% bare rock / high mountain 4% rivers / lakes 9% forest 1% cultivated land 1% marsh 1% other areas
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