Schools in Lom

Children in Norway start school at the age of six. Ten years of schooling (primary and secondary) are compulsory. Before school begins and for the remaining part of the day, the school provides an After-School Activity Programme (SFO) for first to fourth grade pupils on the school premises. You can get more information about SFO at the schools.

Loar skule: Primary school, grades 1 - 7

Headmaster: Anita Hølmo Nestvold
Telephone: (+47) 48157063

Lom ungdomsskule: Secondary school, grades 8 - 10

Headmaster: Tore Mundal
Telephone: (+47) 61 21 10 91, cellphone: (+47) 962 37 685

Nord-Gudbrandsdal vidaregåande skule, avd. Lom: High school

Nord-Gudbrandsdal vidaregåande skule (the regional high school) has a department i Lom.

The high schools are under the jurisdiction of Oppland county.

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