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Service centre

Lom municipality’s service centre provides information on all municipal services. We also provide guidance on most service areas. The service centre has expertise in municipal organization and shall refer to the appropriate authority if the service is provided by others. We aim to provide answers to 80% of the contact with the public, without showing further to others in the organization.

The service centre handle tasks such as:

* Public reception * General and individual information and guidance to users * General rule-based issues to the end user * Serving permission * The housing grants for young people * Grants for building on older plots * Order of municipal facilities for external users * Renting of municipal residential * Renting of Lom community house * Booking and sale of the local history book "Bygdabok for Lom" * Commercial properties * Billing questions regarding municipal fees * Help in filling in municipal forms * Mailing and archive functions * Preparing cases for political committees * General elections

Opening hours

The service centre is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Please, do feel free to contact us:

Telephone: (+47) 6121 7300
Telefax: (+47) 61 21 7301

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